Website Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting Plans

We offer 3 base packages for your website hosting needs.  We are able to custom build a package for you if none of these quite fit your specific requirements.  We host on very reliable Linux Servers and have a 24 hour support staff ensuring they continue to run smoothly.


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Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans are designed for small business website owners to keep their content up to date without spending large sums of money on CMS technology, taking the time to learn how to work with software or learn HTML, or incurring the costs associated with hiring a full time IT or web person to manage your website.

Affordable & Flexible:
Our website maintenance plans are very affordable with plans starting at only $34.95/mo. for 1 hr. of updates. That is a considerable discount off of our normal rates of $65 - $85 per hour! If you see that you are exceeding your website maintenance plan time each month and need more time you can choose to upgrade your plan at any time.

Easy & Convenient:
All you need to do is pick up your phone and call us or email our support team with your website maintenance request along with any images, text, or files that you want put on your website and we will do the rest.

Reliable Service:
Our office is entirely committed to website maintenance requests every Friday. Any requests received all the way up until Thursday night will be completed in the order they were received the Friday of that week. Quite often our support team will handle requests throughout the week as well, but you can count on it getting done by Friday for sure! If there are any problems, or we need additional information we will call or email you. We understand how important your maintenance request is to your business and to your success.

*note: We also have rush/emergency service updates for an additional charge.


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