Server Room & MDF Build-Outs

Technology Squared is a Solution provider with expertise in designing, planning, building, installing and maintaining mission critical data centers.

The expertise of Technology Squared staff spans the complete project cycle from initial planning through design, construction, and preventative maintenance. Technology Squared has the in-house capability to perform all essential elements of a mission critical project.

  • Feasibility Studies, Requirements Analysis
  • Computer Hardware Planning
  • Telecommunications/Network Planning
  • Migration and Relocation Planning
  • Estimating and Cost Analysis
  • Specifications Development and Review
  • IT Equipment Configuration
  • Facility Audits
  • IT System Growth Modeling
  • Hardware, Electrical Load Analysis
  • Site Selection and Evaluation
  • Value Engineering
  • Cable Plant Layout/Design
  • Cabling and Electrical services



Technology Squared is committed to providing you with total data center design solutions, from redesigning or upgrading your current data center environment, to building a new one. We are experienced and capable of helping you develop a solid plan that will meet your Business and technology needs.

Our experienced designers and project managers listen to your business objectives and requirements and build your data center to your specifications; we make sure that no detail is left out in the process.

After the layout is finalized and approved, we engineer the infrastructure and determine the requirements of your facility. We then develop a plan indicating various required Elements. Our team of experts is capable of building your data center per design approved by your team.