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Custom Website Design

Technology Squared has been designing and programming websites for many different industries for several years.  We can accommodate the smaller sites that just want a branded website as well as the large corporate sites that need everything to from secure access to custom applications.  We have a solution and a price that is right for any situation!

Why do We Make Custom Websites?

In addition to having control over their look and function, we custom design websites in order to offer companies and organizations a website that matches their branding. However, we also create one-of-a-kind custom web developments for those who see the real values in having an impressive website.

Since we offer company branding development, we understand the importance of brand continuity throughout print collateral and advertising as well as websites.


The website is the most important extension of a company's branding and there are three good reasons:

  • Websites are First in Line - Nearly everyone looking for nearly anything these days wants to visit businesses online before anything else.  Why not give them something worth looking at? Your website can help you access new sales and help you to make a quality first impression on customers.

  • Unlimited Media Potential - How much can you cram into a flyer or magazine ad? Not very much. However, why reduce the effectiveness of print advertising with too much clutter? Instead, design your print media to focus on just enough selling propositions to drive consumers to your website. Then let your website, in all of its audio and visual splendor, develop rapport and confidence.

  • A 24/7 Sales Force - Websites can generate revenue by literally accepting money and exchanging product automatically, without a single employee involved! Even if your website doesn't sell product's directly, you can collect payments for services, take orders and post terms of service online. Furthermore, whenever and wherever your website can reduce employee labor it makes you money by saving you money!

There are so many ways to benefit from a properly designed website that you cannot possibly go wrong by investing in the right website!


Call us today to discuss your website needs!


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